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Houses in Capodistria/Koper

Autore: Bruno Maier

Note biografiche:
He was born in Capodistria in 1922, Bruno Maier attended Liceo “Combi” and successively the University of Trieste, where he graduated. He studied in Trieste under Ferdinando Pasini and in Pisa under Luigi Russo, he has been for some years assistant to Mario Fubini and then to Giuseppe Citanna, professors of Italian Literature at the University of Trieste, Literature and Philosophy Department. First lecturer and later professor of Italian Literature at the Education Department of the same University, Bruno Maier taught until the academic year 1989-1990.
Nowadays he is the Director of the narrative book collection of Julian Institute of History, Culture and Documentation, and the cultural page of the newspaper “Trieste Oggi”, published from December 1990. He collaborated and collaborates with many regional and national magazines and journals, among them we must remember, for the number of his articles, “La Rassegna di Letteratura Italiana” (Italian Literature Review), “Giornale Storico della Letteratura Italiana” (Historical Journal of Italian Literature), “Archeografo Triestino” , “Informatore Librario”, “Otto/Novecento”. He took part in the drafting of several dictionaries: Bompiani Dictionary of authors and works, Critical Dictionary of Italian Literature, Le Muse encyclopedia. He is the author of an important number of editions of classical and modern writers. Of particular relevance there are the editions of the works of Boccaccio, Poliziani, Castiglione, Cellini, Tasso, Alfieri, Guiri and of eighteen-hundred century lyricists in the collection of Ricciardi’sItalian Classici. Among his essays, it has to be remembered at least “Cecco Angiolieri’s poetry and personality”, Bologna, Cappelli, 1947; A critical lecture of “Corinto” by Lorenzo de’ Medici, Trieste, Zigiotti, 1949;Humanity and style of Benvenuto Cellini writer, Milano; Trevisini, 1952; Alfieri. History and critical Anthology, Palermo, Palumbo, 1957; Neoclassicismo: History and critical Anthology, Palermo, 1964; Antonio Gramsci (with P.. SEMAMA), Firenze, Lo Monnier, 1978.
A wide part of his activity as an editor of texts and critic, has been dedicated since the beginning to the Julian Literature. For this kind of studies it should be remembered at least the several editions of the works of Svevo, Elio Schmitz; Benco and - among the essays Italo Svevo, Milano, Mursia 1968 and 1980 (VI edition); Essays on Trieste Literature of Twentieth century, Milano;Twentieth century Trieste Literature: opening essay of the book Trieste writers of Twentieth century, Anthology, Trieste, LINT, 1968, Dimension Trieste. New essays on Trieste Literature Milano, IPL, 1987; The alphabet game. High Trieste essays, Gorizia, Istituto Giuliano di Storia, Cultura e Documentazione, 1990.
In this context it is naturally worth noting the interest for the past and present Istrian culture. His contributions in this field have to be reported: Hints on Istrian Literature, the essays about Quarantotti Gambini and Morovich in Dimension Trieste, cit.; the writings on Zandel and on The literature of the Italian national group in Istria, from The alphabet game, cit,; the latest edition (Trieste, Italo Svevo, 1980) of “Fora del semenà”. Vernacular rhymes by Tino Gavardo,with wide opening essays, full of information about the Istrian cultural life at the beginning of Twentieth century.
As a scholar, Bruno Maier has been distinguished, as we have seen, for his vast publishing activity, as editor and speaker of deeply committed texts. As a critic, we should underline his attention not only to the aesthetic values of the text, but also ( and particularly) to the poetics, to the education of the writers and their culture, to the relation between poetic and artistic creation, to the problems about the literary language. This interest for the individual and group poetics, for trends about school, academy and age has particularly shown in his research on Arcadia, Neoclassicismo but also in his investigations, of more historical nature even if based on monographic insight, about the Julian and Trieste culture, an area where Meier has soon proved to be a tenacious and careful explorer and inquirer also by wide big pictures.

Scheda critica:
We publish a tale specifically written for La Battana by Bruno Maier, expert and caretaker of the Trieste and Istrian literary heritage, productive essayist and critic, he was one of the first to pay attention to the literary and artistic production of the Italian community.

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