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October 21st, 2021
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Istrian Elegies

Autore: Biagio Marin

Note biografiche:
Biagio Marin, born in Grado in 1891, studied in Gorizia and Pisino, until he obtained his degree at Liceo Classico. In Florence and Wien he took some university courses; in Florence he attended the group of the Vocians (a group of writers, poets and thinkers born in Florence at the end of 19th century). After the war he graduated in Philosophy in Rome where he was a student of Giovanni Gentile. He lived in Trieste from 1939 to 1969 when he definitely came back to Grado where he died in 1985. His first poetry work is Fiuri de tapo (1912). His lines are collected in the volumes I canti dell’isola/ Island songs (1912-1969 and 1970-1981), and in the anthologies La vita xe fiama/ Life is a flame (1970) and Poesie / Poems (1981). Narrative works: Grado, isola de oro /Grado, golden island (1955), La città mutilata/ The mutilated city (1956), I delfini di Scipio Slataper/Scipio Slataper’s dolphins (1965), Parola e poesia/ Word and poetry (1984), Gabbiano reale/ Herring gull (published in 1991).

Scheda critica:
Marin has seen and shared with Istrian people, even if he has experienced it, the tragedy of exodus. He identified himself with Istria and Gorizia, he felt a sort of emotional communion and thanks to it, he was able to complete deep symbolic trips in his wonderful poetic path.
“Istrian elegies” from where we suggest some poems are incredibly actual. Their message, so vivid, deep and meaningful, evokes the inner fragility of the different geographic, ideologic and ethnic barriers, that from time to time are erected by mankind to establish, together with the goodness of their victories, the alternate game of division and conquest.

Titolo estratto: Luciana Borsetto, to offer a reinterpretation of “Istrian Elegies” by Biagio Marin

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