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May 18th, 2024
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Venezia Giulia

Venezia Julia and peace treaties

The aim of this work is to frame from an historical point of view the events that involved the Istrian population starting from World War I to be able to understand how and why Italian people in Istria have become

Rijeka 1

Fiume/Rijeka: an historical profile

Fiume, located on North-Eastern side of Kvarner Bay, takes the place of the Roman Tarsatica and due to  its strategic position of natural outlet to the sea for Eastern Europe , has been always fiercely contested. Its origins are very

Il Ricordo a Bergamo


Fausto Biloslavo il Giornale
Matteo Carnieletto il Giornale
Maria Elena Depetroni Anvgd Bg
Coordinamento : Viviana Facchinetti