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Percorsi Letterari

Martin Muma

The only narrative work published so far by Ligio Zanini, the most important Istrian modern poet writing in the vernacular Istriot language, is the autobiographical novel “Martin Muma” (La Battana, Fiume 1990), from which we have selected some extracts belonging

An Istrian story

From the memories of the memories to reconstruction of the memory, Zandel’s journey has taken increasingly rough paths until it breaks through, in his more recent works, the individual and collective conscience, sometimes antagonistic to one another. In order to

Australia, Australia

The burdens of living uprooted from one’s environment, in very far places, the difficulty, for who has been forced to leave his own land, of rebuilding a new life in another place, among heavy questions about the sense of their

Istria nobilissima, Award-Anthology of the winning works

We publish some long passages taken from Claudio Ugussi’s tales and that have been awarded in the contests of Art and Culture “Istria Nobilissima”. They were published in “Anthology of the awarded works” from the Popular University of Trieste and

Houses in Capodistria/Koper

We publish a tale specifically written for La Battana by Bruno Maier, expert and caretaker of the Trieste and Istrian literary heritage, productive essayist and critic, he was one of the first to pay attention to the literary and artistic

Istrian Elegies

Marin has seen and shared with Istrian people, even if he has experienced it, the tragedy of exodus. He identified himself with Istria and Gorizia, he felt a sort of emotional communion and thanks to it, he was able to

Fireflies and lanterns

The pulse of life together with the memories of one of the most difficult periods of his adoptive city, Capodistria/Koper,re-emerge from the writing of Armando Grmek, author of some novels full of great civil value and suffered and painful sensibility.

Istria Nobilissima Anthology

The bilingual volume (Croatian parallel text translation) entitled “Illudere parvenze di vita – Dočarati privid ?ivljenja” (Fiume, 1986) is a personal anthology of the poetic creation by Alessandro Damiani, and the author included only in IV of the six “Sermones”

Il Ricordo a Bergamo


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