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A school year

Un Anno Di Scuola

Regista: Franco Giraldi
Attori principali: Laura Lenzi, Stefano Patrizi, Mario D'arrigo, Margherita Guzzinati, Giovanna Visentin, Mario Adorf, Juliette Mayniel, Paolo Morosi
Località: trieste Anno: 1977
Genere: Drammatico


The film tells the school year of a class of Liceo Dante in Trieste, where enrolls Edda Marty, the only girl of the whole school.Edda makes use of a new law, that let women go to University, she decides therefore to join the last year of a male Liceo to get the diploma of maturity. She comes from Wien, from an emancipated city, in the centre of the Empire, a different world compared to the Adriatic town, smaller and less open to the news from abroad. The story took place in the years 1913-1914 and this is a director’s choice, a little variation relative to the book where the school year is set in 1908-1909. The decision is not accidental and the reason is comprehensible at the end of the story.
Edda will be obliged to compete with her male schoolmates and she will be the natural centre of attraction. She will be in competition with them, but she will also be admired,courted, here friendship and passion intertwine, unsaid feelings melt and sometimes they can suddenly burst with dangerous implications. Her efforts to establish a comradely relationship with her mates are often difficult because her presence causes confusions, falling in love and suicide attempts.

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