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October 21st, 2021
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Australia, Australia

Autore: Dario Donati

Note biografiche:
Dario Donati has been a writer since 1976 when he published “Il viaggio e altri racconti”(The journey and other tales). He was born in Fiume/Rijeka in 1925.He graduated in Political Studies at the University of Trieste, city where he lived as a young man. Donati has been a Government employee and more than thirty years ago he moved to the surrounding area Udine, in a village near Cividale, at the base of Mount Matajur.
He co-works with many journals and he has published some volumes of tales (“The journey and other tales”, cit; “Amori ipotetici” (Hypothetic love)Trieste, SAL, 1976; “Notti brave di provincia” (Wild nights of the province), Quarto d’Altino, Rebellato, 1978; “Racconti Cividalesi”(Cividale Tales), Lorenzini 1982; “Un uomo allo specchio” ( A man in a mirror), Bologna Boni, 1981). A new novel (Australia, Australia) is about to be published by Capanotto Editions Udine and another one is still in press.

Scheda critica:
The burdens of living uprooted from one’s environment, in very far places, the difficulty, for who has been forced to leave his own land, of rebuilding a new life in another place, among heavy questions about the sense of their own existence, come out in the passage “Refugees in Bairnsdale”, taken from the novel “Australia, Australia” about to be published.

Titolo estratto: Refugees in Bairnsdale

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