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Little glimpses of history


Protagonista: Giovanni Zvelich
Autore: Giovanni Zvelich

Among the old papers of Neresine (Nerezine)  history, the diary of Commander Giovanni Zvelich was found, it was written daily from the day he was kidnapped and deported in Germany, with other 29 Neresine inhabitants. I suppose this diary has an historical interest, because it helps us to trace the last days of the tragic World War II, making clear some important facts that happened in our nation.
It also witnesses the great human kindness arisen among our deported compatriots, that despite the tragedy of the forced boarding on understaffed German ships, they continuously helped each other, using intense correspondence or moral and material support, if possible.
And it witnesses the strong temperament of our people, that despite the humiliation, degrading treatments and permanent danger of life, have always held high their human dignity and their compatriots brotherhood.
It is listed below the partial list of the deported compatriots, mentioned in this tragic story. This list has been reconstructed with difficulty thanks to the help of the descendants, but we apologize for some possible mistakes or omission and  because it is incomplete due to the difficulty to find historical data.

Giovanni Zvelich, Master Mariner and renowned Commander of cargo ships
Francesco Soccolich (Frane Bobaric’), Skipper and Commander of cargo ships
Antonio Zorovich (Toni Belcic’),  Skipper and Commander of cargo ships
Vittorio Zucchi (Ciarni Zuclich), Skipper and Commander of cargo ships
Marino Succih (Pancrazio), Skipper and Commander of cargo ships
Teo Zuchlich, sailor
Antonio Marinzulich (Toni Ambrosic’), sailor
Domenico Mascarin (Menigheto), sailor
Bruno Soccolich, sailor
Oscar Piccini, electrician
Antonio Muscardin,farmer
Donato Boni, 19 years old sailor
Enrico Bracco (Rico), 20 years old sailor
Gaudenzio Rocchi, 21 years old
Mario Rocchi, 20 years old sailor
Giuseppe Rocchi, 19 years old
Giorgio Sigovini (de caffè), 18 years old, student
Giovanni Soccolich (Nino Bubgnic’), 18 years old
Lino Bracco, 18 years old
Giusto Bracco, 18 years old
Mario Zoroni (Zorovich-Rossic’), 18 years old student, was attending the 4th year of the Nautical Institute of Lussino. Lost at sea during the shipwreck of German ship where he had boarded
Bruno Bracco, 18 years old sailor
Gaudenzio Soccoli (Dici Filicic’) 18 years old sailor

Il Ricordo a Bergamo


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