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Luciano Piasentier’s long journey into music

Festival Italiano

Protagonista: Luciano Piasentier.

Luciano Piasentier was born in Pola on 12th March 1924. He has always loved singing but at the beginning it was just a hobby.
He has always loved singing but at the beginning it was just a hobby. In 1942 he works in Pola Arsenal as an electrician.
After the exodus, on the 2nd February 1947, he moved to Trieste where he works for Civil Police until 1952; then he is employed like an assistant until in 1956 he moved to Venice and a year later he decided to leave for Adelaide, Australia, with his wife and his 4 years.old son.
In 1958 he was still unemployed and walking in front of the restaurant “The Blue Danube” in the centre of the city, he heard someone singing in Italian.
He enters the premise and he sings too.
The owner is Wiener and he immediately employs him, and thanks to the performances in this place he becomes popular.
His fortune is that sitting in the audience there was also an engineer of the General Motors who offered him a job as an electrician and at the same time the chance to sing in the different competitions as performer of the firm. He started his careers as a tenor and for the following 15 years Luciano will be always featured in the finals of the Australian singing competitions.

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