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Fragments of a lesson

Fragments of a lesson

Autore: Franco Fornasaro
Anno di pubblicazione:
Casa editrice: Roberto Vattori Editor

“…with words of hope and moderate optimism, by an author who keeps his balance and he is able to be not overwhelmed by the events”

“Fragments of a lesson” is a personal and coral saga, set in XX century, centered around Nicolò, the main character.  Franco Fornasaro includes in the novel his several interests: social, ethnic, ecologic and generally speaking philosophic. Interests not showed in a systematic way, but through a novel where, using the flashback technique he can retrace important events, both private and historical. And, therefore, fragments but of wider scope than the reductive meaning of the word. Here, the two spheres intersect and their symbiosis avoids a fallout either in a surplus of subjectivism or in an excess in the opposite direction: the pure chronicle or even worse an exaggerated controversy.
In the book we find also a hangup with the past that is the research of their own roots, from it you can take positive nourishment for life in the name of freedom, of independent judgement, beyond frontiers and boundaries. We find a wide historical overview: the post-war years, the Cominform (the Information Bureau of the Communist and Workers’ Parties) and the stop to the flow of ideas, the algerine matter, the fall of the real socialism in ex- USSR, Romania, Bulgaria, the Spanish nationalism. Anyway the fragments, the different facets, only apparently disjointed, converge in a single leitmotif: joy of life, a baton to carry on. Vie crucis  (stations of the cross) too have their target, when faced strongly or nonetheless resignedly, they take out a sense of community impossible to shut down.

Franco Fornasaro, son of Istrian parents, was born in Trieste in 1952, now he lives with his family and he works in Cividale del Friuli. He graduated in Pharmacy in 1976, reserve pharmacist officer in Marina Militare 1977-1978, regular officer from 1980. He was a Math and Physics teacher in a vocational training centre, and teacher of pharmacology and homeopathy.
He published several novels, some of them are: Incontro (meeting), Quale terra? (which land?), Fine stagione (End season) and the essays Etnie senza frontiere (ethnies without boundaries) -Istria utopia o laboratorio etnico?  (istria: an utopia or an ethnic lab?)
He got many awards: …….
His scientific publications on different arguments are almost fifty, he wrote many articles about politics, history, ecology, classic and contemporary phytotherapy. His writings are in some anthologies and others, also poetic texts, are part of the show “Sounds of Lands”. He collaborates with some magazines and radio programmes.

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