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Francesco Salghetti-Drioli

Francesco Salghetti-Drioli

Autore: Ivo Petricioli
Anno di pubblicazione: 2003
Casa editrice: Zara (Zadar) National Museum, Zagabria (Zagreb) History of the Art Institute

Zara National Museum and Zagabria History of the Art Institute published a monograph focused on the Zara artist Francesco Salghetti-Drioli, presented for the first time in Italy, in Udine, in May 2005.
The work has been conceived and edited by Ivo Petricioli and it contains an essay by SIlvia Meloni Trkulja, the artist’s biography, Viatka Staglicic’s bibliography, the catalogue written by Radoslav Tomic and the photobook with some Salghetti’s artworks.
The artist and businessman was the eldest son of the family, which established in Zara the renowned firm of “rosolio-maraschino”; during his life he realized many paintings, on different subjects but his works were ignored for many years. He concentrated on creating religious themed paintings, drawings with an essential trait and other preparatory drawings for different paintings, portraits and self-portraits, sketches of Morlacchi costumes and of familiar style and some allegorical paintings; many of them are illustrated in the book.

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