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Tullio Binaghi Jailed because i was wearing new boots

From Schio, Tullio Binaghi sent us this witness. It’s about a prison experience ( from 1945 to 1946) in Slovenia. His story is completed from a list of the people he had the chance to meet on that painful occasion.


Antonietta Pagliaga: i’m from Orsera, paradise of Istria

These pages speak about a life full of love. The grateful love of the Slavic peasants towards my father, who proved to be a good and honest man. The daughterly love towards a mother with her difficulty to carry on.

Festival Italiano

Luciano Piasentier’s long journey into music

Luciano Piasentier was born in Pola on 12th March 1924. He has always loved singing but at the beginning it was just a hobby. He has always loved singing but at the beginning it was just a hobby. In 1942


Rental agreement of Capodistria/Koper Seminary

From France where he lives,during his several travels to Trieste, Sergio Gnesda doesn’t forget to organize “Istrian” days to come back to his beloved Verteneglio/Brtonigla. He likes to take pictures of the dear places that he’s discovering only now in


Nicolò Giraldi: a boat’s “whimper”

In the Monfalcone industrial area there are waterways that draw a peculiar geography. Hangars and boats, cranes and flagpoles led the enthusiast and the curious in a niche world but very fascinating and full of connections to the tradition. Between

Il Dio Brot6

Gianni Giuricin: Memories from lager.

We invite you to read this testimony about the imprisonment in a Nazi lager, told in the book “Il dio brot” (The god bread)  by Gianni Giuricin, author of several publications and writing on this subject, partly autobiographical partly stories


Caterina Fradelli: memories of Zara, 1940-1946

1941: first escape from Zara At the altar of Our Lady of the Rosary in the church of St. Symeon in Zara, at 6.30 on 15th April 1940, the priest Don Giacomo Foretich Colenda officiated the wedding between Caterina Fradelli

Anna Maria Marcozzi Keller

Anna Maria Marcozzi Keller: from Pola to Rovereto

I was born in Pola on 14th June 1934, in via Monte Cappelletta; my parents were “regnicoli”, (citizens of a kingdom; in this case they come from the old Italian districts), they were transferred to Pola and employed at the


Little glimpses of history

Among the old papers of Neresine (Nerezine)  history, the diary of Commander Giovanni Zvelich was found, it was written daily from the day he was kidnapped and deported in Germany, with other 29 Neresine inhabitants. I suppose this diary has

Anna Ed

Annamaria Zennaro Marsi

There were four people in my family and after the exodus we went to live with my aunt, but the situation was very complicated. We had to stay in a little room, 8 square metres more or less, where there

Il Ricordo a Bergamo


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